5th Grade Graduation Video - Kinetic Typography

This video was, hands down, my favorite project completed in college for my favorite class I've ever enrolled in (Adobe After Effects senior workshop). It was also the very last video I created at UF. The video was made for the Manatee Bay Elementary School in Weston, FL, which is where my mom worked at the time. She recorded the audio clips of the teachers reading the poem they wrote that said goodbye and good luck to the graduating 5th graders of 2015. What was so great about this project was that the school played this video at the manatees' graduation ceremony! 

Animations and Illustrations by Aliette Barboza
Audio by Teachers at Manatee Bay Elementary

500 Days of Summer - Kinetic Typography

Growing up, 500 Days of Summer was one of those movies I watched over and over again. This kinetic typography piece is my tribute to the indie film that unfolded its story in a unique and mesmerizing way. 

Animations and Illustrations by Aliette Barboza
Audio by 500 Days of Summer

Flash by Queen Chroma Key Project

In my After Effects class, we had the chance to play with the green screen as a class. For a two hour period, we each took turns doing something - anything! - in front of the camera. What came after that is this seriously strange video... The song inspiration came from the weekend before, when my dad drove me in my Jeep, blasted Flash by Queen and sang at the top of his lungs in the most high-piched voice. It was one of those moments for the books!

Shot by After Effects Motion Classmates
Chroma Key Edit by Aliette Barboza
Flash Footage by YouTube
Inspiration by My Father

2D Stills Image Animation

The first project we were assigned for After Effects required 2D animations edited to a song. Riptide by Vance Joy was my JAM in early 2015, so I made a seemingly nonsensical 2D video to the beat.

Animation by Aliette Barboza
Images by Google
Song: Riptide by Vance Joy

Character Study - Mokia

I considered Mokia one of my good friends in college - he's such a cool guy! My good friend Slater made a cameo in this documentary-styled piece as well! We had fun filming this and it was great to hear about Mokia's upbringing in Cameroon and how it impacted his love for soccer. This was my first character study piece for an intro to film course, so bare with me here please!

Created by Aliette Barboza
Featuring Mokia Laisin and Slater Cannan

Café Cubano

I think this is my grandmother's favorite video on the internet to this day. It captures the love, tradition and appreciation all Cubans share when making Cuban coffee. What would have made my first film I ever made at UF better was drinking the Cuban coffee at 3:05pm (Miami style)!

Created by Aliette Barboza/Acted by me too...
Song by Beny Moré!!!

30 Second Commercial Spot - Advanced Corporate Video Course

This is a thirty second spot made for Small House, the Chinese restaurant I worked for throughout college. This traditional Chinese food is the real deal... the chefs don't even speak a word of English! I had many great memories working at this restaurant, including teaching the owner's wife to speak English.

Created by Aliette Barboza
Restaurant: Small House in Gainesville, FL.

Around Three Cacti w/ Mack Kalifilakis

A parody of Zach Galifianakis' hilarious, uncomfortable and genius show 'Between Two Ferns'. I was live studio Director of this exclusive interview with Kim and Kanye!

Course: Electronic Field Production

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