As the Video Production Assistant of the Johns Hopkins Division of Rheumatology, I am able to communicate and help patients in the best way I know how -- by delivering a message through video. My goal every day is to educate patients and their family members on these rare autoimmune diseases, hopefully teaching them something that could better their lives. I've worked closely with division and center directors, doctors, clinical staff, laboratory researchers, and scientists in order to create informative patient education video content.
Here are a few of my favorite projects I've worked on. To watch these videos, click on the screen grab to open the video in another link! I've led the pre-production process, aided with script writing, shot, directed, edited and created all animations in these videos.

A Journey in Harmony
In this video project, I created a mini documentary piece about our division's doctors participating in something completely new - learning to sing a South African hymn in a 4-part choir assembly. I filmed various singing sessions, created the interview questions for the participants, and edited their journey of harmony into this human interest story edit. This video was also showcased on the Johns Hopkins University Diversity web page, as well as the Johns Hopkins Medicine Facebook and YouTube pages.
Published January 2018
Raynaud's Phenomenon: What You Should Know
This video explains the two different types of Raynaud's phenomenon, which is a condition that affects the fingers and toes. I am happy with the animations I created in this video, as they are a good visual aid. This video got over 100,000 views on Facebook in 1 month.
Published January 2018

Shingles: What You Should Know

Shingles, or Herpes Zoster, is the "reawakening" of the Chicken Pox virus, which could become a serious complication for those with autoimmune diseases. Dr. Chris Mecoli explains what Shingles is, how it presents, and how one can take preventative measures against it.

Published May 2017

Joint Injections: A Step by Step Procedure

This video covers the step by step procedure of a joint injection. I used animated text to walk us through the steps of the procedure.

Published March 2017

An Overview on Gout

Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that can be very painful to the joints. Dr. Myma Albayda walks us through what gout is caused by and how you can take preventative measures to limit attacks.

Published June 2017

Research Update Series: Improving Immunization Rates

Nurse Vicky Ruffing and Dr. Erika Darrah speak about the existing barriers of immunizations, as well as why it is so important for people with a rheumatic disease to keep up to date with their vaccines.

Published February 2017

What Happens to my Blood After I Donate it to Research?

Take a look as numerous doctors and researchers explain the process step by step, from gathering your information in a clinic, to performing specific tests in the laboratory for data collection, to publishing research results and sharing them with medical professionals. Check out this exciting process!

Published August 2016

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